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        Here you will be  able
        to purchase and sell
        all pageant related
        merchandise including
        name brand gowns,
        swim wear, shoes,
        jewelry, aerobic wear,
        and many other great

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        pageant tips,
        information on
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        and other pageant
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About Us
Letter From the Founder:                     

To All in the World of Pageants,

            I know how hard and expensive it can get to buy that
        perfect gown or swimsuit for that very special pageant.
        That's why we at have decided to
        created this site. Here you will be able to find pageant
        attire that is almost new for a fraction of the original price.
        Here you will also be able to sell all your pageant attire that  
        no longer suits your needs. This is a great way to plan
        and budget your pageant expenses.

        I now take this opportunity to welcome you to the family!


        America Gamarra