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Ms. Pageantstyle Information

How does the scoring system work?

Ms. Pageantstyle International delegates receive points based on the following:
-Life achievements
-School grades (if the delegate is in school)
-Personal appearances (such as parades, charity events, etc.)
-Volunteer work

Each delegate will create a portfolio with all their documentation which will be reviewed by the judges. Point value will be determined by the judges.

At the end of the first phase of competition, the top 5 scoring delegates will be asked to provide a written essay as to why they should be chosen as Ms. Pageantstyle International.
This will be worth up to 25 points. The delegate with the highest score will be named Ms. Pageantstyle International 2002.

When will I know my score?

At the end of the pageant competition, delegates will receive an e-mail with their final score.

Are there any optional competitions?

Ms. Pageantstyle Virtual Queen is an optional competition which is open to all Ms. Pageantstyle International 2002 delegates. There is no entry fee for this optional competition. The winner is chosen by visitors to the website. Each visitor may only vote once per day. This phase of competition in no way will affect the outcome of Ms. Pageantstyle International winner. The winner of this competition will recieve a prize package.

Our Ms. Pageantstyle International 2002 winner will receive a large prize package including the following:

Rhinestone embroidered banner
Signature crown
Crystal engraved vase
Complete line of beauty care products
Savings bond
Rhinestone jewelery gift certificate
Queen's webpage which will be hosted and maintained by

More prizes will be added!

All delegates receive the following:

City, state, or country embroidered banner, rhinestone pin, 15%  discount certificate to, participation certificate, and press release.